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14782 Kellogg School Road  •  P.O. Box 188  • Hickory Corners, MI 49060 | Ph.(269) 671-4606 |  Fax (269) 671-4450 |

Whether you’re interested in extensive installation, garden maintenance, or treating only one area of your garden; our experienced and highly-trained staff of landscape architects and designers will help create the beautiful and functional setting you envision.

If you are currently working with a landscape architect, or if you are a landscape architect with a client in need of a contractor, Stap Brothers are prepared to help you throughout the contracting process. Our team will guide you through budgeting, formal estimating, project management and property maintenance to ensure your design reaches its full potential.

Spring & Fall Cleanup

Give your property a healthy start at the beginning of the year’s ...READ MORE

Snow & Ice Management

The safety of staff and visitors is paramount for any business or ... READ MORE

Gardens & Shrubbery

Planting trees and shrubs provides plenty of exercise -- digging and lifting will work muscles... READ MORE

Landscape Management

we provide a complete grounds management service for clients for schools... READ MORE


As competing demands for water has transformed the ancient art of irrigation to .. READ MORE

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